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Proper Cooling for Server Rooms: Tips and Advice

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Keeping a server room cool is paramount to the safety of the environment, and an integral part of reducing electromagnetic interference. When an electronic device builds up a lot of heat, dust and humidity can increase, causing a lot of issues with the devices. The smallest investment to counteract this buildup, especially in a room with multiple larger devices, is to buy a computer room air conditioner.

There are multiple ways to cool a server room, says MovinCool, and buying one of these would be the best option for smaller establishments, or for small home-based projects. It is not very costly, it does not take up much space, and there is the capability to buy multiple in different sizes.

Another method for cooling down a server room is to utilize the most of industrial air conditioning. Most larger spaces will have the air flow of the room run above and below their devices, so it is common for server rooms to have tiles that have a foot of hollow space only for air flow. Or, they will take some of the tiles in the roof out to provide for more air flow to the entire area.

The most expensive and most efficient option for cooling a server room, mainly common with data center cooling, is to mix the hot and cold air in combination with liquid cooling systems. The liquid will flow through tubes along the servers hardware, and the mixed air can be designed by an expert of air conditioning systems.