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Putting Your Belongings in Storage While Remodelling

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Putting Your Belongings in Storage While Remodelling

If you intend to remodel some room in your house or even your entire home, you have several options for what you want to do with the items. The most responsible and most reasonable thing to do would be to put your pieces into storage. Often, people will attempt to move their items from one room to a nearby place where they can keep them while they work. For example, you might move your kitchen items into a bedroom while you remodel the kitchen. However, doing so will make it difficult to use your bedroom, and then you’ll have to move everything twice to get redecorating your bedroom.

This process limits you to one room at a time and makes it very difficult to move around while you’re in the process of remodelling. Your better option will be to put your items into storage while you are remodelling your house. The choice then will be whether you want to put one room into storage at a time or store large amounts of items at once. It is also important to pack and store your belongings correctly, and you can get some excellent advice on the Readers Digest website.

How Much Space?

Choosing how much storage space you need is a matter of how much you intend to store. Some people prefer to store one room at a time. If you’re remodelling the kitchen, you might put your kitchen items into storage at Adams Selfstore. Then, you might move your kitchen items back into the kitchen and put your bedroom belongings into the storage space.

  • If you’re remodelling more than one room at a time, or if you don’t want to deal with multiple trips to the storage unit, you can save time by storing as much as possible in one unit.
  • If you’re going to store more than just one room in a unit, you probably need a unit that is at least 60 square feet.
  • A unit between 50 and 70 square feet is usually enough to put the belongings in a one-bedroom house. It won’t be enough space for appliances, boxes, and vehicles, though.
  • If you are storing your entire home, you’ll likely choose a huge storage unit.

Large Units

Storing items in a vast storage unit is good for many reasons. For one, it naturally offers enough space for everything to fit. Also, a large storage unit will provide you with the chance to put your items in such a way that you can move around in the space. Being able to walk around is incredibly useful if you are remodelling your house in stages. For example, if you redo the kitchen and then want to move your kitchen items back into space, you’ll need to be able to move around in your storage unit. You’ll need to be able to reach the kitchen items and pull them out. Also, if you are loading your storage unit in stages, you’ll need to be ready to move new boxes into the unit. Therefore, if you plan to move around in your unit, you might want to step up in size just a little bit so you can have the extra space you might need.