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Quick Tips For Making The Perfect Espresso At Home!

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Quick Tips For Making The Perfect Espresso At Home!

A cup of espresso is the perfect start to a long day. If you don’t want to pay for expensive espresso at cafés, you can always brew at home. For the uninitiated, espresso is a coffee that’s made by using pressure on the coffee beans. The process is fairly simple – Water is pushed through finely ground coffee beans, and thanks to the pressure, all the good flavors are extracted from the beans. For this very precise reason, espresso cannot be brewed with the regular drip coffeemaker. Below are some of the aspects you need to know.

Making C drinks without espresso

A lot of coffee drinks use espresso as the base, along with milk. Since not everyone is well versed with the process of making espresso at home, some of these drinks are made with espresso replacements. If you don’t have access to real espresso, you can still make some of the drinks that use milk, because the flavors of espresso are eventually mix into the milk. For example, a glass of latte can be made with any strong coffee, as it contains just one part of coffee with five parts of milk. Ditto for caffè mocha, which also uses chocolate, and hence the flavor of chocolate can overpower that of coffee. However, for drinks like cappuccino, caffè macchiato or even a flat white, espresso is a must, because the strong flavors and crema make a huge difference.

Espresso at home

Wondering how to make espresso at home? If you are looking for the real taste of espresso, you need to invest in a pump drive espresso machine. This machine adds the perfect pressure that’s required to make the espresso, and what makes the drink even more likeable is the crema, which is the foamy layer you see on the top. The machine doesn’t require a long brewing time, and most of the soluble solids of the mix will pass to the cup. It will also emulsify the oils in the coffee. Yes, there are low pressure coffee makers in the market, but these don’t produce crema.

Tips to note

There are many websites that offer detailed guide for using the pump drive espresso machine, which can come handy. However, a few smaller aspects can make your espresso better. For example, the coffee beans should be finely ground into a powder. If not crushed properly, the water can easily pass through the powdered beans, and you will not get the flavour you are looking for. You also need to take a check on the dose used in the portafilter, which shouldn’t be more than 17 to 20 grams. The most important factor for making a perfect cup of espresso is the pressure, which in this case refers to the 9-bar pressure. You can check online to find the machines that create that kind of pressure for the perfect brew.

Brew your own Espresso every morning, because it’s easy and effective, as long as you know the tricks and have the right machine.

 Author Bio – Lindsay Morales has been working as a barista for more than 4 years. She started to write about coffee last year, promoting espresso and coffee making as a hobby. Her objective is to help people make great coffee at home.