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Searching for NYC movers over the web – what to pay attention to?

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Moving process is stressful itself, but having to do it in a big city like New York, makes it even more frightening. Positive side is that you have some good options when searching for moving and storage NYC companies. Yet, at the same time searching for good and reliable movers online can be a difficult and confusing process. In the sea of offers and opportunities, you need to be very careful when searching movers online in NYC. Doing some research can be worth your time. With this guide, you will be able to avoid scams and land to your new home without any problems.

Finding a good moving company online can be overwhelming

If possible, get recommendations

To avoid problems and scams, it is important to find a trustworthymoving company and storage in NYC, for example Brooklyn moving and storage. We know that you are maybe looking on the internet, but first ask somebody from your close environment. Friends or coworkers can help you with your decision. They can share their experiences and warn you if some companies are not good.

Do some research

This part is really important. The reason is that advertising is easy and available these days. Moving companies pay a lot of money on advertising, and they can easily look like a trustworthy one if you don’t pay attention. So a good, thorough research is a must if you want to find a good moving company online. Here are some things to pay attention to:

  1. Reviews – Choose a name of a company and search for reviews and comments. Also, be careful and read these thoroughly – some of these are maybe not true and are written by the company itself. So don’t be lazy and read all comments – if there are many bad ones, you know what to do. Close that page and continue searching.
  1. Associations/groups member – check if the company you are currently researching is a member of some bigger associations, moving groups or communities. If it is, it is a good sign that the company has a good working policy, a lots of customers and wants to be a part of bigger, credible groups.
  1. Social networks – An honest, credible moving company will make sure that more people interact with it and do online reviews. So check its social network pages, like Facebook or Instagram to find more information.
  1. Check reputability – to avoid scams, and potentially losing all your stuff to a group of criminals, you can also check company’s reputability through some reliable websites.

             Social networks can sometimes show a lot about a company

Be careful with suspicious details

When searching movers online in NYC, everything can be suspicious, so you need to be very careful when reading and especially giving information online. Here are some of the things to be careful about:

  1. Price – If a price is way too low or way too high, something is wrong. Be careful with extremely cheap movers, sometimes they are just trying to find a victim for a scam, and a low price is the perfect bait. On the other hand, expensive companies are not always the best ones. Some of them are using a high pricing as bait and as a fake proof of their quality. So before you decide, check the other aspects as well, not only the price.
  1. Requesting signatures/information – if a company asks you to sign some documents or give out your private information right away that can be a red flag. Be extremely careful when filling in documents and giving your address, phone number or card number right away.
  2. Where to find them – A good and reliable moving company should be a result when you try to find it on reliable searching engines. Try a local business listing websites or just simply, Google.

Compare the prices

As you have the opportunity to check almost all moving companies in New York, you should use that smart. Top moving companies have an instant moving quote calculator, so they can give you an online quote. In that way, you can compare the prices of all the companies you researched. We suggest making a table, or a list, where you can put all the information about the companies, along with the pros and cons of each one. It seems like a lot of work when searching a moving company online, but believe us, it will be well worth it after you are finished moving.

New York is a big city with many companies and opportunities

After you chose…

First of all, you need to have at least three or four companies to do an estimate at your home. Don’t do just one. You need to have a couple of options, because every company has its own rules about the estimate. Some of them base their cost estimates on the weight of your items, and the others on how much time they will need to move them. That’s why you should have a couple of options to choose from.

Also, you need to make a list, or show to the estimator all of the things that are going to be moved. In that way, you will avoid possible changes of the cost later on. It is also important to emphasize all of the stairs, floors, and difficult spaces if there are any. Ask for any information that you may need while the estimator is still at your home, and confirm what you maybe already know. In that way you will be ready to choose the right company and have all the information you may need through the process.

Finally, find some time to relax and be happy about your new home. If you are careful enough, nothing can go wrong. Just be systematic, and follow this guide to a successful quest for the perfect help in your moving process. We wish you the best of luck!