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Seven Reasons to Waterproof your Basement

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Seven Reasons to Waterproof your Basement

No matter what you use your basement for it is the foundation of your house that must be maintained well.  However, this part of the house may have water problems which can create foundation problems to the entire house. Apart from keeping your house structurally sound, below are some of the main reasons you must consider waterproofing your basement.

Minimize the Risk of Weather-Related Damages

Flash flooding and heavy rains can cause water damage in the basement. The huge amount of water that doesn’t drain into the ground will find any chances to make its way into the house. And while most people think of rain as the cause of water damage, it is important to understand that melting snow can present as much danger.

With the ground holding six inches of snow melting on a warmer day, the melted snow will find a place to drain. If the basement is not properly waterproofed, the melted snow can easily enter this part of the house.

Strengthen the House’s Structural Integrity

If you spalling cracks or acid damage aside from water damage, this could mean you house has a foundation issue. Spalling refers to the chipping of concrete. It may be a result of water damage and high pressure. Although this may require just a simple fix, it can signify serious waterproofing problems that will result in a foundation issue.

Acid damage is a brown colored stain found on the floor or wall of the basement. This can be due to water being pushed through the concrete foundation.  Over time, it can weaken the foundation of the basement.

Improve Home Value

A basement that is properly waterproofed can be finished that can increase the value of the house and offers the most comfort to the living space.

Avoid Healthy Issues

Living spaces that are humid allow dust mites to thrive. Dust mites are the main causes of asthma and allergy issues. Water in the basement must have to go somewhere. During evaporation, water rises through the other parts of the house which increases humidity inside. If such humidity level increases, pests and insects that like moist and damp environments are attracted.

Help Save on Energy Costs

Aside from its effect on human health, the high humidity due to the waterproofing issue also impacts your wallet. This is because cooling humid air may have to cost you more. The humidity at the basement could be costing homeowners as much as 10% to 15% more on their electricity bill.

Reduce the Risk of Flooding

It takes just a decent storm to accumulate water inside the house. Basement waterproofing Birmingham Alabama decreases the risk of flooding by reshaping how water interacts with your house. Waterproofing the foundation keeps more water away from the house that in turn minimizes the possibility of water entering your place.

Eliminate Moisture

A basement with more moisture may generate mildew and mold. Also, this creates the perfect environment for mold growth that can cause healthy issues to anyone in the house. Mold is known to cause wheezing, coughing as well as eye and skin irritation.