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Shift Homes – A checklist now available for every homeowner!

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Shifting between cities or localities can be a big decision. Thanks to work commitments and quest for better and more affordable homes, people do shift all the time. The entire process can be a bit tedious, which is why homeowners miss on things that need attention, right after moving to a new place. With due Info-graphic credit to Oxford based removals company AG Jacobs&Sons, a new moving checklist is now available for quick access. This checklist is basically a guide for anyone and everywhere, who is shifting and moving for work and other reasons. Besides finding the basic tips and pointers for packaging and organization, one can also get ideas related to specific services.

The checklist has been designed with complete attention to all aspects, including the services that will be needed in the new city. For example, have you considered redirecting your mail or contacting the bank authorities? These are small things that are otherwise ignored for different reasons, especially because people are more interested in finding the right home in the first place. This info-graphic can be a handy go-to guide in many ways and should help in most cases, thanks to a list of important practical inclusions.