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Simple Tips To Make Your Business More Flood Protected

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Simple Tips To Make Your Business More Flood Protected

Floods or any natural calamity is unavoidable. The only thing you can do is stay prepared to handle them and this is only possible with advance planning. You can avail flood maps from National Flood Insurance program and determine whether you are at risk or not. Here are a few things any business must do to minimize the effects of floods.

Get done an examination:

Even if your business isn’t located in a flood-prone area, it is ideal to know what additional protection your business needs. For instance, you can get things like airbricks and floorboards, which are both very helpful in avoiding the water from entering the premises.


However, the first and foremost thing to do is consult an architect or contact your building surveyor to get your property checked for water damage Chandler AZ. Discuss with them about making your property more flood protected and also request for an estimate for the same.

Make a plan:

Once you have got your property surveyed, the next step is to prepare a good flood plan. Well, in making a good flood plan you must include your staff as well as equipment. So, here are a few aspects, which you must include in your flood planning.

Inform your staff

If you have received a fair warning for floods, it is extremely crucial to inform your staff about the same. Sit down with them and work out a plan, as a team. Discuss on how you can evacuate the building as soon as possible and which will be the nearest exists to use. Identify each and every exit point as well as decide a safe meeting point.

Arrange your equipment well

If your work place is an office with computers and other electrical equipment, you must make sure all of them are placed at a higher and safe location. For instance, you might want to close all the equipment and move them on higher floors. Also, take all the external storage devices with you and try to keep your necessary and important data only on one drive. This way you will be able to protect your equipments as well as data.

Get some sandbags

Sandbags prove to be a worthy investment, when a flood strikes. It helps to keep the water away but also filter some of the sediments found in flood water. No wonder placing them on all the entry points will take time but if you are definitely expecting a flood to strike, you can take care of it in advance.

Lastly, if your property isn’t maintained since a long time, it is necessary to get it inspected by a flood risk management expert. They know what loopholes to look for and thus can advice, accordingly.