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The Biggest Signs of an Impending Plumbing Emergency

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The Biggest Signs of an Impending Plumbing Emergency

The majority of the time, homeowners are caught unaware whenever they face emergency plumbing situations such as a sudden sewage backup or flooding due to a burst pipe. It is possible for you to catch some catastrophes before they cause serious damage and large repair bills, however, and you can look for these signs throughout the year to help bring in professionals before you get caught by surprise. No matter if you think that the sign is relatively insignificant, it is always in your best interests to call on a professional whenever you suspect that there is something not quite right with your plumbing system and its many components.


If you turn on your faucet and discover that the water looks closer to your morning cup of tea in colour, you may yet have a serious plumbing emergency on your hands. Southampton is home to many homeowners of various backgrounds but none are immune to the aging of their homes and a plumbing emergency in Southampton happens every single day. Discoloured water may be a sign of a clogged pipe, advanced corrosion, or even sewage backing up through the piping and it is imperative that you call on an expert to help you determine the true cause.


The water pressure in your home should remain constant at all times and a sudden drop in water pressure in one or more faucets is an indication that something is blocking the pipes or that you have a leak. It may even be that you have an incorrectly sized pipe in your home that is incapable of handling your water requirements and a plumber can help you to sort out the problem before you experience a serious failure. If the water pressure is only reduced at one faucet, the problem is likely localised to that area and may be anything from hard water buildup to a simple clog just beneath the lip of the drain; a professional can deal with it quickly.


It may be that you walk into your bathroom to discover that the faucet is leaking a single drop every minute or so and this is actually a terrible problem. Although tap water may not be particularly costly at first glance, a single leaking pipe can cost you thousands of litres of water over the course of the year and that can quickly add up to hundreds of pounds lost. Rather than allowing this steady loss of your own hard-earned money, you should immediately call on a professional to find the source of the leak and then act accordingly to help you find a solution.

Slow draining is also a sign of trouble as it is likely the result of a clog forming somewhere in your piping system. If you have several centimetres of water pooling up to your ankles when you take a shower, this is the classic sign of a slow drain and it may be caused by anything from a simple clog from hair and other debris or something more serious.