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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Bed Bug Control

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If you are experiencing a bed bug problem, it’s super important to deal with it quickly and effectively before the issue gets worse. One thing you should never, ever do when it comes to bed bugs is use a bug bomb or fogger. It is possibly the worst thing you can do.

Here are our top bed bug do’s and don’ts…

Don’t Avoid The Problem

Moving to another room to sleep won’t work. The infestation will follow you, and then it spreads through the other rooms of the house. If a bed bug is hungry, it will find you no matter where you sleep.

Do Some Tidying Up

De-clutter your home on a regular basis to eliminate bed bug hiding places. Keep the floor as tidy as possible. If your home is neat, it will be easier to find and destroy the bed bugs.

Don’t Flee The Issue

Bed bugs love to travel as much as you do. If you decide to take refuge at a friend or relatives, those little suckers will come with you! And if you think waiting the problem out will work, a bed bug can live for as long as 18 months without eating! You’ll have to be away for a long time before they die.

Don’t Throw The Bed Out With The Bed Bugs

You don’t have to dispose of your bed if you have a bed bug infestation. In fact, you can spread the bed bugs throughout your house by carrying infested furniture through it to take it out.

Do Invest In A Mattress Cover

Encasing the mattress will trap the bed bugs inside and keep them from biting you. It’s also a great prevention method to avoid bed bug problems in the future.

Don’t DIY

Many DIY methods of pest control just don’t work, and sometimes can make the problem a lot worse.

Do Call The Professionals

It’s particularly important when dealing with bed bugs to seek out professional pest control services. An exterminator has the right tools and equipment to completely eradicate a bed bug infestation in a small amount of time.