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The Eyes of Your Home: All About Caring, Repairing, and Replacing Your Windows

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Your windows are one of the defining elements of your home. They are literally your home’s eyes out onto the world and they make a big visual impact. Windows not only keep you warm and let the sunshine in, they can also massively increase your home’s curb appeal, which is obviously a big consideration if you plan on selling your home anytime soon. Furthermore, windows make a big difference when it comes to energy efficiency and a drafty window can lead to energy bills that are many times higher than necessary. Cleaning and maintaining your windows is a big step towards making sure they look and work great. We will look at a few things you should know about maintaining your windows and when it may be time to replace them entirely.

Cleaning your windows

Cleaning windows isn’t complicated, but it does take a little more effort than simply taking water and cloth to them. First, if you’re cleaning the panes, be sure to remove and clean the screen first. You can clean the screens by laying them flat on a dry surface and using a soft brush to apply mild soap and water to them. Once the screens are dry you can put them back in the window. In the meantime, use a soft cloth (make sure it’s not abrasive as this could scratch the windows or the frame!) and clean the panes with mild soap and water. Immediately dry it off with a dry soft cloth to avoid water spots.

When it comes to the frames you can usually use the same cleaning solution you used for the panes, but just to be sure test it out on a small corner first to be sure that it doesn’t damage the paint or material. Be thorough when you clean the frames! Dirt loves to build up in the corners and around the weather stripping. By staying on top of such dirt today you will prevent it from becoming unmanageable in the future.

When your windows need to be repaired

Some jobs will take a little more effort than a bit of soap and water, but you need to know when it’s time to repair your windows and when they need to be replaced outright. If your windows no longer open then there may be a problem with the hardware. A window pro can usually spot this sort of problem and replace the defective part, which is obviously going to be a much simpler and cheaper solution than replacing the window entirely.

Another common problem is when the sashes become jammed. Jammed sashes may require a handyman to come fix, but before you pick up the phone try rubbing the bottom of a white candle along the channel to see if that helps the sashes move better.

A problem that could be leading to wasted heat and higher energy bills is when condensation forms between the panes of your insulated window. Condensation means that the windows are leaking and are no longer keeping your house protected from the cold outside. This will require that the sash or window be replaced, but contact your local window pro first to be sure.

Thinking about replacement?

Sometimes the occasional repair job just isn’t going to be enough to fix the problem long term. In such cases, it may be time to get new windows installed. If you’re in need of new windows contact a reputable construction contractor, such as Wildwood, who knows how to get the job done right. While rot can simply be repaired in some cases, in others it may be so extensive that it requires window replacement. Your local window pro can inspect any decay your windows are experiencing and let you know what the best route to take may be. Furthermore, you may want to replace your windows simply because your current ones aren’t very energy efficient. By switching over to thermal windows, for example, you could reduce your winter heating bills by 20 to 30 percent. New windows would also help keep your home more comfortable no matter what the weather while also increasing its market value.

Brooke Flynn works in the family home maintenance/repair business keeping things under control in the office whilst her husband, father, and son go out on the job.