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The Most Secure Business Doors

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The Most Secure Business Doors

If you have a business, you need to make sure you keep it secure during the day and at night. During the day, you likely keep your business secure with lights, cameras, and other anti-theft measures. At night, though, you need to be able to trust your business is in good hands without actually having to be present. The best way to do so is with a set of bespoke steel doors.

Bespoke Steel Doors

Whether you have a garage door, a normal door, or something in between, you could benefit from bespoke steel doors. Metal roller shutter doors are a great way to secure your business. They can be operated by hand or by some kind of motor; the choice is yours. Whether you choose a motorised door or not depends on how easily you can open or close the door. If you are installing a roller door for a normal doorway, you can likely forego the motor. However, if it’s a garage door or something equally heavy, you probably need a motor.

The operation of the metal door is important for keeping your business safe. You need to be able to quickly roll the door down, and it also needs to be heavy and secure. The metal door requires a safety brake as well.

Safety Brake

A safety brake is a mechanism that is used to stop a door that might have malfunctioned. Without a safety brake, a door that loses power could instantly drop. With a door as heavy as a steel door, an uncontrolled fall could be incredibly dangerous. You need to make sure you have a safety brake, for when the door begins its uncontrolled fall, the brake will engage to stop the door. That’s important for a number of safety reasons.


Some steel doors will lock at the ground level to keep them from being lifted. Many others will actually use the power of the motor or some kind of brake on the guide rails to keep it in place. Whatever the case may be, it’s just important to have a way of locking the steel door after you close it. It wouldn’t function very effectively as a safety door if you did not have some way of locking it in place.

Crime Deterrent

Steel doors are often thought of as crime prevention tools, and they’re definitely that. However, they’re also crime deterrents. Most thieves are opportunistic criminals who will see something they want and try to steal it. If you have a heavy gauge steel door on your business, most criminals won’t even bother trying to break in. That is what makes a steel door a crime deterrent as well as a crime prevention mechanism. If you want to keep your business secure, you need a heavy steel door or some similar deterrent.