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The Noteworthiness of New Home Inspection

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According to an expert, owning a house is probably the biggest investment man can ever have in his lifetime. If you give this a deep though, this is indeed true as acquiring a house these days is undeniably expensive. Especially that prices are soaring high, you can see that most households are just renting until their golden years because even at that age and time, they can’t still afford to get a home of their own. Thus if you are about to get a new home, you should be cautious as you never know when you will have the chance again.

Have it pre-inspected

Yes, you should hire an already established company to do the pre-inspection for you. This is the most usual routine today before buying a house, even if it’s newly built as we all know that scammers and frauds are everywhere. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Through pre-inspection, you will exactly know the condition of the property. Most of the time, the defects are not readily available but they are definitely discoverable. However, they might not be easily disclosed by an ordinary layman for there is a good chance he won’t know where to start for that matter.


An established and reputable home inspection company

Yes, having the property you are planning to purchase might indeed be the best option an aspirant homeowner should do but not just with any company. Instead, one should look for an already established and reputable home inspection company such as the Melbourne House Check – inspections. This company is already proven and in fact, it is rated 4.95 based on 61 reviews. You can surely trust their skills and capabilities in discovering everything about the property you plan to own. They are licensed, insured and quite experienced. When it comes to building inspections, you can say that they are a one-stop-shop.

What is covered by Melbourne House Check new home hand over report:

  • documentation of all major and minor defects
  • inspection undertaken by registered builders
  • conducted in accordance with Australian standard
  • recommendation for rectification
  • photos and clear description of defects

Services of Melbourne House Check

Aside from new home inspection, this agency offers other services such as:

  • pre-purchase inspections
  • building pests inspections
  • property condition report
  • drone inspections

Why choose Melbourne House Check

Why should you choose this agency? When looking for an agency to hire, no matter what is the reason for your research, your top concerns should be if the agency is licensed, insured and experienced and this agency certainly meets these criteria. Aside from that, you need to also check the rating and you can see that Melbourne House Check gets an almost perfect rating.

Pre-inspections are indeed a must

Yes, this should be part of the protocol in fact every time one will decide to purchase a building, whether that building is new or already pre-owned. This is your protection from scams and frauds.

Author Bio: Matt Flood is one of the people you can inquire about from Melbourne House Check. He has been in this agency for a long period of time already thus you be assured that he can answer your questions regarding building inspections.