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Things You Must Consider When Planning To Move Locally in NYC, New York

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Things You Must Consider When Planning To Move Locally in NYC, New York

Just the mere thought of moving can make you feel stressful, because it is a cumbersome process that requires a lot of time and muscle power. There are several things that you will need to do during the home relocation.

It can be very stressful, if you don’t hire a specialized moving company for the shifting your household belongings. When they are by your side, you can be assured of the fact that the job will get accomplished in a professional manner.

Only unpack selected items  

The day when you shift to a new place and have all your items relocated, you must be very tired and stressed. Instead of unpacking all the items on the same day, it is advised to unpack only those that you would be needing on the very next morning.

These items would include your clothes, bathing essentials, toothbrush, toothpaste, laptop, etc. Give yourself a break, and take a day to revitalize. Once you feel good, you start unpacking all the items, and place them where you want.

Relocating locally to any place in NYC is not very difficult now. There are several reputed moving companies in NYC. Capital City Moving and Storage NYC is one of the most popular moving companies that assure smooth and safe execution of the relocation process. 

Keep most needed items in one box  

You cannot expect to unpack all the things and set up your home, on the very day you relocate. Hence, it is very important to do proper packing, where you will need to mark on the boxes having the things that are essential for you when you reach your new home.

For example, you will need the kitchen cookware, mattresses, floor mats, and napkins on the very first day itself.  Therefore, you will need to start unpacking the bags or boxes according to the priority, as per your immediate requirements.

To differentiate between other boxes, you can mark it with a red tape and write on it, so that you do not mix it with other boxes. Ensure that it is loaded at the end and unloaded first on the relocation day.

Clean your new house  

Once you get the keys to your house, you need to make proper arrangements before you actually shift. Some of the tasks that you must perform are cleaning all the rooms, slabs and shelves for use, preparing your bathroom by placing a towel, toilet paper, a shower curtain, soap and other essentials, so that you feel comfortable when you arrive at your new house.

A warm shower after a tiring day would be much needed to relax every muscle in your body and give a soothing feeling. This advance preparation would surely comfort you and energize you to do the rest of the work.

Pack all those clothes that you will not require on relocation day 

When it comes to packing, you should choose all those things that will not be used for a couple of days. You can start by packing clothes that you do not need on an urgent basis. Off season clothes are the best ones to pick and start packing.

Follow it with packing any decorative item in your house such as things that you have kept in the storage area, under the bed etc. Vacuum sealing these things is the best way to pack, as it will not require much space.

Label boxes room wise  

To make the unpacking task simpler, it is recommended to label the boxes. Suppose you are packing all the kitchen items in a box, then you can label it by writing “kitchen items” on it. While unpacking, this move will save your precious time in figuring out the box that contains your kitchen items.

For a faster and smoother execution, this strategy is very useful. You can label it using a “color-coded system” for different rooms. Use of different color tapes, pens or markers is helpful to do the job. This will also help the professionals at moving company to keep the boxes as per your requirements.

Prepare your new house 

Before moving into your new house, it is advised to paint the walls. People who are interested in keeping house warming ceremony can also make arrangements for it. This is because both these things won’t be possible after setting up all the items in the new house.

You can even add an ultra violet sheet on the windows of your house. This acts as a protective guard to prevent harmful UV rays of the sun from entering any of your rooms. Also, it will prevent dust to spoil the furniture and other precious artwork in your house. You can drill holes in the walls to hang up the art work if any. Ensure that the house is getting an adequate power supply, and the gas line is working properly before moving to the new place.

Take assistance of a mover company to assist you in packing 

If you are looking for a professional assistance while moving, then you need to contact a good movers and packers. Let their professionals visit your house and take charge of the total number of house belongings, which you have to move. Accordingly, they will present a quotation.

Fix an appointment with them 

You can check their terms and conditions. Once you make up your mind to hire them, you need to intimate them at least 15 days before the date of your relocation. This advance confirmation would help them to arrange the right number of laborers, packaging materials, truck, etc. for your job. Finding good storage in New York is not very difficult. There are many companies that provide the much needed assistance to their clients.

Host a party 

Once your relocation task is done successfully, it is now the time to relax with the ones with whom you could not speak to for a couple of days. You would definitely want your close ones to visit your new house. To do this, you can schedule a get together or party with them. Invite your friends, relatives, and family members to your place and enjoy being in a new home.


These are some of the very useful tips that prepare you for a move. These not just ease the whole relocation process, but also ensures efficient and systematic completion of the task.