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Three Important Employee-Related Considerations when Deciding to Move to a New Office

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Three Important Employee-Related Considerations when Deciding to Move to a New Office

Deciding to move to a new office is a huge deal. You will need to think about many aspects. And while you may want to involve your people in making the decision, you should plan for how they should move. Your workers are a big part of your operation so you should know what is important to them. It makes sense to make a communication plan covering their needs and how to organize them for the move. Surely, a move will have you getting plenty on your plate. To ensure a smooth move and transition of your employees, consider the following.

What your Employees can Bring

When your people have worked at your company for half a year or six years, they may have accumulated a lot of things on their desk that they don’t need. It is imperative to consider this when planning a move because of the change in space. Allow your people to know if their new work stations will be smaller or bigger than what they currently occupy. This helps them prepare for the new place accordingly and ensure they don’t over-pack. If you hire office movers to transport office supplies and equipment, ensure that your people have prioritized what must be moved to the new workspace.

Commute Time and Accessibility of the New Office

After having a space in mind, it is time to consider how your workers will get there. Schedule a meeting with them to talk to them about how commutes will change. Remember to tell them the best transit lines, routes and parking options. This type of conversation enables your people to feel comfortable and valued while preparing for the move and the changes at work that come with it.

Amenities Inside and Outside the New Space

Food is a major factor to consider when considering what builds culture in and out of the office. You will want to ensure that your people have good access to food or coffee options in the areas that surround your new office. It is best to do your homework on the food, drink and fitness options the area has to offer. Your employees will certainly appreciate your effort and feel better about getting themselves ready for their first day in the new office.

Regardless of why you are moving to a new work site, it is important to keep everybody well informed. Preparing your people should be a significant part of your plan.