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Three Sure Fire Signs You Need Tree Removal

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No one likes to think that their beloved oak or sycamore tree in their back yard is sick. We certainly don’t want to contemplate that the tree our kids climbed and hung a swing from is so sick it needs to be removed. But if we want our back and front yards to remain safe, it is important to understand when a tree gets either so old or so diseased that it needs to be removed. We don’t want to wait until it comes down on top of us in the next big wind storm to realise it has to go.

While the first thought may be “How will I find a tree service near me that won’t cost an arm and a leg?” the truth is it would be far more expensive to call them on a Sunday morning because that tree is now in your living room. If you aren’t sure if that beloved tree is a danger to you and your family, here are a few tips on how to tell when it is time to say goodbye and call in the tree removal experts.

Damaged Trees

Yes, trees get damaged, but there are limits to how much damage they can sustain before they become dangerous. If more than half the tree looks dead or is badly diseased, then it is time to have a tree surgeon look at it.

You can save some money by simply calling for tree removal at this point. But if you really love that old oak in your back yard, it might not hurt to find an expert who will see if there is any way you can help it to live longer. Trees live to be thousands of years in the wild, so that 50-year-old oak may have the resources to recover, given a bit of help.

Leaning Trees

We may think of the Leaning Tower of Pisa when we look at our tree, and that is never good. A listing tree is one that has weak roots. Since the roots are really the heart of any healthy tree, a tree that has damaged or weak roots is probably not going to last much longer.

In addition, if that tree is leaning towards your home it could go at the worst possible moment. If the tree was a smoothly vertical one until recently then you could be in danger as it means the roots are slowly letting go. Get help fast and get it taken down before the next big wind storm does it for you.

Trees and Power Lines

You may have planted that tree years ago, not dreaming that one day it would tower over the entire street and endanger the power lines above it. As long as the tree is healthy and the power company comes out to trim it back, you are fine. Trees grow back from a trimming and unless there is a weakness in the tree you will see a power struggle between the electrical company and your tree for years to come.

But be sure that the tree is always trimmed back. Winter storms with ice forming on tree branches can take down power lines and cause real damage to a neighborhood. If you see the tree beginning to surround your local power lines, call the electric provider up and let them know. They would rather trim a tree as part of their regular schedule then have to send out men in the middle of a storm to take care of downed lines.