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Tips to Reduce Fall Accidents at Home

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Tips to Reduce Fall Accidents at Home

Falls are the main cause of injuries at home and these can take place to any family members. And a lot of those who experience fall accidents may need the expertise of an excellent Miami Gardens slip and fall accident lawyer. To protect your family from this type of accidents, consider the following helpful tips.

Eliminate Stairs Clutter

A lot of falling fatalities take place on steps and stairways. Ensure you keep the steps free of clutter. While you may think of using the steps as semi-permanent storage, keep in mind that this habit is not always safe. Chances are that somebody may trip over something and break a leg or arm. It is never a good idea to set anything on your steps.

Ensure Emergency Lights are Always Accessible

Unfamiliar or uneven footing can cause falls in the dark and even unfamiliar surfaces can become dangerous when an emergency takes place. Ensure everyone in the family has access to a flashlight with extra batteries that they can use in case of a power outage. Your handy flashlight is quite useful when walking to and from the garage and unfamiliar places like city streets.

Be Safe when Using Step Stools

Step tools can cause injuries. A number of them take place as the stool itself is not safe. A lot of them have been recalled due to flaws in their design. Injuries occur if the stool tips over or collapses or if somebody loses their balance due to a lack of something to grab into.

Consider Ice Grips

Ice grips for shoes and boots are quite helpful during the snow months. Such cleats offer traction in snow, ice and mud. You can buy those in lightweight coil versions for paved sidewalks and roads. For hiking trails, go for heavy-duty spike models. However, do not depend fully on anti-slip devices for your protection against falls. Also, remember to remove ice grips right away as you step inside since they can be slippery on stone or tile surfaces.

Make Sure your Windows are Safe for your Children

Thousands of kids in the United States are injured every year due to falls from windows. To prevent this type of falls, don’t rely on window screens. In upper floor rooms, window guards must be installed with quick-release mechanisms so that the windows will not open more than a few inches. Also, ensure there are no furniture pieces near the window to prevent kids from trying to climb near them.