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To Avoid Problems Choose the Right Service for Different Kinds of Water Damages

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Water damage is a serious problem, which can affect your house as well as commercial space. It may occur due to natural disasters like floods, earth quakes etc. or internal home problems like broken/leaking pipes, dishwasher leakage and so on. For restoration of your house or office, you need to spend a lot of money and time.

If you want to overcome this problem, you need to take necessary action immediately. For this, you need to have some knowledge on the restoration process. The following details give you information on types of water damage types and different methods to prevent it. By this, you can protect your house from additional damages.

Kinds of damages

  • Clean water damage – It contains pure water without any contaminants, but comes from a broken pipe. This will not cause any health issues to you and your family. It may grow mold, so clean and dry the flood area as soon as possible.

  • Grey water – It contains slight infection causing microorganisms. It may originate from your lavatory or washing machine. You need to clean it immediately with cleaners, but make sure to wear masks, goggles and gloves.

  • Black water – It possess highly contaminated dangerous microorganisms and chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers and more. It mainly occurs due to sewage system damage or a natural disaster. It is very difficult for you to handle, only professional as well as experienced cleaners can control it.

Levels of damage

Level 1 – Destruction occurs with the slight amount of wetness in the limited area and causes damages to the permeable materials like plywood in your house. If you dry the area, then the occurrence of damages will be low.

Level 2 – The entire room will be affected by water up to a level of 12” or greater. It damages mechanical materials, but not severely. It need to be repaired by removing the moisture on the damaged materials such as closing the holes with the sealant, then the condition will get better quickly.

Level 3 – Water affects the ceilings, walls, floors, and carpets in your house. Besides, insulation is drenched with water. Inspection is compulsory to determine the condition of your house, type of repair, and cost. Mostly, the professionals replace the wall, ceiling, insulation and the floor.

Level 4 – It is a serious kind of water damage. You need to contact a restoration team to repair the damages. The experts will diagnose the problem and takes necessary steps to solve it.

If you want to overcome these problems, proper maintenance is essential water damage Mount Pleasant WI offers you the best repair services for your house. With the help of these services, you can easily safeguard your house from water damages.