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Types of Pests in Big Cities

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Life in big cities is hectic as it is, you don’t need pests to make it worse. However, those hostile creatures still creep around your home and can spread deadly diseases and infections. Some may attack your food, while others won’t let you sleep at night. The pests attacking homes in metropolitan cities aren’t the same as the ones infesting the countryside and need to be dealt with differently. If you live in New York City, you are in luck since the NYC exterminators are well trained to manage all of the above pests. Here are some common pests that attack big city homes and the dangers they cause:-

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the most hated pests worldwide, and they have earned their negative reputation. As the name suggests, bed bugs infest your bed, and they lurk around in the dark when you are asleep. Then they would come and bite you to drink the blood from your wound. Bed bug bites are painful and can make a good night’s rest seem impossible. Apart from insomnia, their bites can be a source of infections.


Cockroaches are disgusting creatures that are attracted mostly to human food. They build their nests in deep cracks and holes in the house and come out during the night. Then they defecate on human food and may even lay eggs inside humans. This makes cockroaches extremely dangerous, and they should be exterminated at the first sign of infestation.


Rats are already infamous worldwide for causing the plague in London and bringing the city down to its knees. They infest homes in large numbers and are hard to get rid off. Apart from stealing and polluting food, rats may also bite, and their bites cause rabies and plague.

Now that you know the pests that infest big cities, it is best if you rid your home of them immediately. In case your home has signs of infestations, you should call Manhattan pest control right away.