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Understanding the Need and Functionality of Safety Showers

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Safety showers would be installed in places where chances are higher of people being exposed to harmful materials. In a number of nations, law has been strict on installation made mandatory on places where employees run the risk of being exposed to harmful substances. Factories, laboratories and workplaces dealing or handling harmful substances would need installation of safety showers. These are also popular as decontamination showers.

Use of safety showers

These showers have been used by emergency services such as the fire-fighting department. The showers would be different from the normal showers. The major difference would be the size of the showerhead. The showerhead should have a diameter of twenty inches. The shower should have adequate water for fifteen minutes of continuous operation. It would also be pertinent to mention here that clean and potable water should be contained in the tank that would supply water to the safety shower. You would not have any faucets for turning on the shower. Rather, the shower would be activated when you pull the lever or stepping on the foot paddle. The water would flow constantly with good pressure. The safety showers have been manufactures from steel. Therefore, you do not run the risk of bacteria accumulating in them.

What should the contaminated victim do?

When a victim has been contaminated, it would be imperative for him to walk towards the safety shower or should be helped towards the shower. However, prior to entering the shower, the victim should be stripped of all clothes and then enter the shower stall. When the shower is turned on, the victim should remain under the shower for a minimum of fifteen minutes. The large showerhead would ensure that the head and the body of the victim are completely drenched. The victim does not need to turn his body to get wet. The experts for protection of the person from harmful substances have determined the minimum time of fifteen minutes.

Temperature of the water

It would be pertinent to mention here that the temperature of the water in the safety shower should be tepid. It should be neither too hot nor too cold. However, it is imperative that the water in the shower should be clean and potable water. When the victim takes the shower and decontaminated, provide him with clean pair of clothes and rush him to the hospital to seek medical help.

You can read more and gain knowledge on the number of safety showers required for installation on the official website. It would largely depend on the safety requirements of a company.