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Using light as a way to find your friends in a crowd

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A great way to use light is for safety. There are a multitude of ways that light can be seamlessly integrated into automotive, construction, and even into clothing. Though safety remains on people’s minds, it is often overlooked that lighting can be an effective way to keep groups together at night.

In large crowds during a concert or event, the later you stay, the less daylight, and the less overall visibility. Getting separated from your group after dark can leave you feeling worried. If you have no cell phone service, finding your group again can easily become a really tough and stressful thing to do.

In these instances, imagine if you had an illuminated headband, or if you were holding a flag above the crowd, or a totem. Holding something that lights up, makes it easy to find your group if you ever do get separated from them during an event or music festival. Your flag, or group totem, becomes a reference point which makes it easy to see exactly how far away from your group you are, and you have the ability to easily get back to the people you know, whenever you want to.

Unconventional accent lighting products are great when you want to customize signage, and integrate lighting into your project or group totem. Depending on your application, you may want to check out Laser Wire™, which is a rechargeable lighting source that powers an optical fiber with a glass core. During the day, when it is off, it can be almost invisible, but it comes to life when it is on at night! VynEL™ lighting by Ellumiglow is another great, new lighting product that can be sewn directly into fabrics. Both Laser Wire™ and VynEL™ are awesome, allowing the addition of light to nearly everything!