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Ways to Hide Propane Tanks in Plain Sight

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It is a natural need to feel comfortable in your own home. Unfortunately in our landscape, we often have to deal with unpleasant visual necessities; some of the most common ones are water heaters, air conditioning and heating units as well as propane tanks. Because these items are indispensable and need to be accessible, they are therefore most of the time in plain sight. These objects sometime ruin the nice decoration of your home.

Did you know there are ways to conceal the unaesthetic means to modern comfort? Here are two fast and easy solutions accessible for everyone.

The Wooden Case

The first option that comes naturally to mind is to build something around the item you plan on hiding. For an example, a wooden case. This offers the advantage of being removed easily and decorated as you wish. You can drill polka dots in it, paint it with any paint, use different woods to give it a barn look or you can even use it as a support to hold a potted plant or books. Any hardware store will have all the equipment that you need to measure, cut and decorate the case that will be used to cover any tank. In fact, many stores will actually offer to cut the wood for you so make sure you have the right dimensions. However, if you are not generally handy or not an expert in measuring, this might not be a good option for you.

This option is recommended if you are already equipped and comfortable with home improvements. Otherwise, the financial investment will not be worth it. A drill, a saw, a meter, plywood boards, glue coated nails and potentially a nail gun may turn out expensive just to build a case.

Painting the Tank

If you own a propane tank and you are not into hardware or wood, then paint is the option you would want to pursue. Many people ask, can I paint my propane tank? Well, yes, you can.

Before you paint, make sure your tank does not show any signs of rust. If your tank does show little rust, you will need to brush it off before considering painting it. You can ask your propane supplier for any further information you may need regarding the condition of your tank.

Consider that there are a few rules you need to know before starting. You cannot paint your tank any color you would like. The color has to be light as per the National Fire Protection Association. Depending on where you live, the laws can vary and not all colors are accepted. Bear in mind that dark colors increase the risk of combustion of the tank or can cause gas leak. Therefore the colors found most of the time on propane tanks are unsurprisingly pastel, beige or light silver to avoid absorbing the heat.

Pastel colors include a very wide range of shades. Before you pick your color, make sure the paint was purposely made for metal surfaces as they include chemicals to keep your tank rust free. From fresh pinks to almond green, pastel colors will give your house a pastoral charm and are extremely fashionable due to their relaxing properties.