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What Advantages Can Be Had From Installing PVCU Windows?

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What Advantages Can Be Had From Installing PVCU Windows?

What has nowadays come to be commonly known as “PVCU”, (polyvinyl chloride un-plasticised), these double glazed windows are even more favoured now than ever before, and as a number of you are already aware, these types of windows are where the frames themselves are manufactured from a special type of sturdy plastic.

As for double glazing, as everybody and his or her dog know, this refers to any windows which have been made of two panes of glass with a space in between them and have been around for some time.

  • The vast popularity of PVCU double glazed windows being used to replace older ones in buildings all over Scotland, and elsewhere is definitely on the increase and looks set to gain even more ground in the future.

The Amazing Benefits of having PVCU double glazed SRJ windows installed at your home:

  1. Less expensive than other windows.
  2. Very little maintenance
  3. Will not rot
  4. No peeling
  5. Plus, no flaking!
  6. No need for a repaint!

All you will need to make sure that these fabulous windows stay clean is a simple wipe with a damp cloth! What could be easier?

Amazing Durability

UPVC windows in Scotland, are a lot more durable than every other type of frame out there due to a total lack of warping or bending and that’s in every kind of weather. The window frames are difficult to break, and makes them a burglar’s worst nightmare.

  • Plus, because of the two panes of glazing instead of just the one, they are also much more difficult to smash than any single pane design.

Heating Bills Lowered

People always love this one! The double pane windows also assist in reducing those unwanted huge power bills, because they can insulate homes better than any single glazed ones.

The air between the panes helps to keep the heat inside the building, which means there’s less power being used to heat any space.

  • In addition, double glazing’s other extra bonus is the huge lowering of noise coming into a home, and after a fitting you will immediately notice the difference.

Attractive Visuals 

Any homes outside façade are certainly going to be of importance for increasing its value for any future sales potential. A lot of home buyers are simply sold on a buildings outer features, so it makes common sense to do the right thing. And, if you are perhaps thinking of selling your home later on down the road, why not make the most of its benefits now after having PVCU fitted, and then have it there as a bonus for any future home buyers?

Eco-Friendly Properties

UPVC is different from other sorts of thermoplastics as they are all completely derived from oil.

  • PVCU is manufactured from 57% salt and 43% oil, providing it with some unique and special technical properties, all helping in the promotion of not only great value, but Earth friendly.

Now, that’s quite a few advantages!