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What is and where to get pressure treated Lumber

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If you happen to be in the Houston Texas area you should know that there are many lumberyards scattered about the city. There is only only one lumberyard that will truly satisfy any and all of your lumber needs, that lumberyard is Bayou City Lumber. Bayou City Lumber has a wide selection of different types of lumber with a lumberyard that is at least eight and a half acres you know that they carry anything and everything that could possibly need for your lumber based project. So if you’re looking to purchase pressure treated lumber in the Houston texas area then there are no reasons why you should not go for it and check out Bayou City Lumber they are located right off of Telephone road.

The folks at Bayou City Lumber have always been about the customer, they have always made sure to keep all of their materials well stocked and ready to go. They keep on hand many different kinds of lumber and at different levels of treatment so that you can always find what you’re looking for when making your lumber purchases. It doesn’t matter what kind of project you are going to be getting yourself into you will find what you need in the eight and a half acres that the Bayou City Lumber has to offer for your convenience. Bayou City Lumber likes to advertise that their lumber can be used for bulkheads and piers, to gazebos decks and piers, but the truth is that this lumber can be used for many more things than that and it’s only you who can put a limit on what you can do.

If it’s a matter of quality as to why you haven’t gone to Bayou City Lumber then let me put your mind at ease, you need to know that there is no reason to be worried about the quality of the lumber. Bayou City Lumber keeps stocked the most popular sizes, cuts and treatment levels of all their lumber, but can also quickly stock up on less popular ones as soon as you request it of them to do so. With an eight and a half acre lot to keep their stock well built up and you know that the variety and adequacy with which they do business is always above and beyond what is expected of them, that is the only way to do business in today’s highly competitive market. So much so is the company well stocked that they carry with them fire retardant wood, this kind of wood can be used to make many water based projects including salt and fresh water pilings.

Bayou City Lumber is such a reliable company that you can always count on them to have the best prices around the Houston Texas area. Their prices are always reliable and fair not only that but if you couple that with the fact that you will be getting above average customer service and a stock that will always have what you need then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from shopping for lumber with Bayou City Lumber.