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What is meant by Rainwater Harvesting?

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What is meant by Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is a method in which rainfall is gathered and then saved in large tanks, rather than being allowed to flow into the drainage system. People in areas of the world with limited water supplies have been using this method to supplement any available water for many centuries, and this idea has now also become a subject matter of interest among many conservationists. With the harvesting of rainwater, people can make a marked reduction in their overall water usage and provide for a number of other environmental advantages.

Traditionally, rainwater is gathered from roofs by the use of gutters where water then goes on to flow down pipes which are connected to large water tanks, where it is collected and later on put to good use. People in some places also collect run-off water from places such as hillsides, streets, and other locations, by the useof a variety of different setups. The collected water is not always clean, due to it having flowed through a variety of contaminants on its way to the water tank, but it can still be utilised in different ways.


One majoruse for collected rainwater is in irrigation and gardening. With the use of rainwater, it can cut down on those water bills, and ensures that decent, drinkable water isn’t wasted by being poured on plants and then allowed to waste away. In places where conservation efforts have become more common, people have been strongly inspired to think about rainwater harvesting for their gardening requirements. A reduction of run-off also lessens the burden on storm drains, and lowers the amount of pollutants that go into waterways and the sea.

Arranging viable garden irrigation with gathered rainwater is also pretty easy, and it shouldn’t need a pump, as the water tank can be mounted at an elevation so that the system will be of the gravity fed type. With the use of a sensible network of pipes and hoses, any gardener can easily assemble a low-maintenance irrigation system, or even a hose can be fitted directly to the tank.

Other Important Uses

The accumulated water can also be utilised for things like toilets, vehicle washing, etc. And with a quality filtration system fitted, rainwater harvesting can then also provide the perfect water for drinking, bathing, and cooking. It is in most cases not usually safe to use unfiltered rainwater for such purposes, as it just might contain bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and other undesirable elements.

Putting together a rainwater harvesting system isn’t difficult, especially if you wish for the simple rooftop design. All you will need is a large water tank to be placed under the drainage pipes, or some other kind of piping which can be fitted to connect multiple pipes and route the water to the one water collecting tank. And isn’t it nice that when there’s a big old downpour, that all of that rain is going to be recycled and also save on your water bills?!

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