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What is Rhino Shield? 3 Reasons it Will Change Your Life

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You have heard the radio commercials, seen it advertised in stores or overheard your neighbors talking about it, but are you still asking yourself, “What is Rhino Shield?” If so, find out what it is because it could seriously change your life.

What is Rhino Shield?

Rhino Shield is a revolutionary ceramic coating to be applied to your home or place of business.

If you are considering making the switch to Rhino Shield, here are three reasons doing so will change your life.

Reason #1: No more hassle

Even in California, homeowners who paint their homes are presented with the daunting task of re-painting every three-to-five years. Rhino Shield’s ceramic coating lasts 25 years with a complete warranty against chipping, flaking or fading. That means you can have it done five times less than traditional home painting.

That alone sounds attractive enough, but when you consider that the average home takes three or four days to paint by a full crew of painters, by switching to Rhino Shield you can avoid nearly three weeks of time dealing with strangers milling around your home.

Reason #2: Better home protection

Most paints are thin, cheap coatings that provide basic protection to one of life’s biggest investments: your home. Rhino Shield’s coating is upwards of three times thicker than conventional paint and does not use cheap filler materials.

Instead Rhino Shield uses ceramic microspheres in the product that, when dry, will create a rugged, durable coat that can resist everything Mother Nature has to throw at it.

In dry areas, of which there are many in California, also enjoy peace of mind in Rhino Shield’s Class A fire rating.

Reason #3: Incredible results

Unlike traditional paint, Rhino Shield’s ceramic coating will give your home a luxurious sheen that will both make it stand out and increase the home’s curb appeal. It is engineered to resist UV-Rays, which are the leading cause of traditional paint’s color fading over a short period of time.

And as mentioned before, Rhino Shield is resistant to flaking, peeling and other damage, so your home will continue to look great for over two decades without having to deal with any unforeseen repairs. Should there ever be a repair, though, remember that Rhino Shield offers a 100% warranty.

What is Rhino Shield? Now you know!

The next time you are considering having your home re-painted, do yourself a favor and call the experts at Rhino Shield. With this incredible ceramic coating, you can paint your home five times less with a superior product and enjoy the incredible benefits, not the least of which are less time and hassle spent maintaining one of your most important assets. Save time, money and effort by switching to Rhino Shield.