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What to Do if you are the Victim of Burglary

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The rising crime rates across the UK are an indication of just how important home security is, and if you are unfortunate enough to have been the victim of a burglary, the first thing you should do is report the incident to the local police. Don’t expect any surprised faces when you do, as car and house thefts make up the majority of stealing crimes in the UK, but an officer(s) would visit your home to make a report. Once the police have done their on-site investigation, there are some things you need to attend to, after being the victim of a break in, and here are the main points.

  • Call in a Locksmith – The burglar will somehow have managed to gain access, so you will need a locksmith to give your home a security evaluation, and replace any defective lock with something substantial. This tradesperson would also know about CCTV and alarm systems, and might even offer those services. A locksmith in Wallsend will be available round the clock to provide emergency services, as well as security upgrades and protection. It might turn out that the locksmith recommends changing all the locks, and when you consider how easy it was for the last robber to gain access, it makes sense to take serious precautions. Once the locksmith has finished the work, make sure you get his number, as you never know when you might be locked out of your house or car, and one quick call and he would be on his way.
  • Install CCTV – This is by far the best deterrent for any thief, and if the person who robbed your place wasn’t caught, any thoughts they might have of a repeat performance, would disappear when they saw the CCTV cameras. The average burglar is an opportunist thief, and will avoid anything that incriminates them, which is precisely what video surveillance does, so for deterrent value, you can’t beat CCTV.
  • Install a Concealed Safe – This is a good idea if you have valuable heirlooms or expensive jewellery, and a small digital safe can be cleverly hidden under timber or behind a wall. In the event an intruder managed to get into the home, he or she is not going to stay very long, and at very best, they would quickly scour every room, taking anything of value they could carry.
  • Create a Routine – Before leaving the home, make sure you lock all doors and close all windows, even upstairs, and if you are going away for any length of time, inform your neighbours and they will keep an eye open. Leave a light on at night, as any sign that the house is occupied would help, and with all access points locked, you can feel reasonably confident that your home is protected.

Home security is something to take seriously, and for those who have had the experience of being a victim of a burglary, it makes sense to take preventative measures to ensure there is no repeat.