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Your 7-Step Guide for Selecting a Gutter Cleaning Service!

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Your 7-Step Guide for Selecting a Gutter Cleaning Service!

After a night of rain and storm, you may find that the gutters of your property and filled with debris, soil, leaves and all sorts of things. What’s next? Well, the obvious idea is to call a gutter cleaning service. Cleaning gutters periodically and as required is not a choice for homeowners. Filled up gutters can damage your walls, roof (if the water goes up), and can be a thriving home for pests and critters. Now, finding a reliable service is often not easy. We have enlisted the 7 steps you need to follow.

  • First things first, check with your neighbors and friends for references. Look for companies they have tried and tested recently. Also, you can check online to find a listing for your city. Make a shortlist of two to three names and starting calling them.
  • Check the basics. Is the company licensed? How long they have been in business? Are they experienced enough? These are just some of the common questions you need to ask before taking the call on hiring a service.
  • Ask about their services and team. A professional company will explain their services to every prospective client, and it’s wise to ask these questions. Typically, they will clear the debris from the roof, follow which they will scoop the gutters. Furthermore, their cleaners will rinse the gutters and check that the downspouts are working as required. Finally, they will remove the debris from the property. You can learn more about our professional services
  • Is the company insured? This is an important aspect that needs immediate attention. If the cleaners and staff members of the service damage your house, the concerned company must be liable to pay for the damages. Without insurance, there isn’t much you can do in this regard. Also, check if the company has workers’ compensation insurance. Workplace mishaps are not uncommon, and as a client, you wouldn’t want to pay for the medical bills.
  • Do they have a service guarantee and an agreement? Ideally, every homeowner should hire a gutter cleaning service at least twice every year. If your region is prone to rains and frequent storms, you may need these companies often. As such, it is best to check if the company has a service agreement in place. Just in case you are not happy with the work, you should be able to take action.

  • Ask for a quote. Of course, you have to know the estimate for the job, and most companies will gladly offer a quote free of charge. However, don’t choose a service because it’s offering the lowest price. Instead, check their experience and overall expertise to know their services better.
  • Read reviews. Unsure of how to compare services based on quotes? Well, you can check for reviews from other customers online, which can be quite handy. Make sure that you don’t ignore the nature of complaints against a particular company.

Don’t risk a fall, call the experts today! Also, if you have the time, call up a few companies to seek client references.