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Your Carpets Are Making You Really Sick!!

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Do you have a carpet or a rug in your house that you bought years ago and is still lying there despite being torn and overused? Carpets and rugs are big investments that we make while decorating our homes. Even though we know that these need to be replaced after a little while, we don’t do it. We keep finding ways to use them again and again. Many of us have such busy schedules that cleaning our house become a daunting task many times. And carpets are the last thing we want to clean, because it is extremely time and energy consuming. Also they get really dirty if we have pets. We keep pushing it to the end of all the task lists and eventually forget about it. But rarely do we know that these dirty carpets are the reason for the frequent illness of our family members.

Allergies and respiratory issues

It is important for us to know that these carpets accumulate dirt and dust and small human skin tissues. If you have a furry friend in your house then the carpet surely has pet hair stuck to it that cannot be easily cleaned. Your houses can be housing many dust mites and moulds that feed on the skin and hair in the carpet. These organisms multiply very fast and soon can make colonies in your carpets without you even noticing. Now, when you walk on these it creates momentum. This momentum kicks these organisms into the air which is inhaled by you and your family. Hence, causing you runny nose, various allergies, asthma in many cases and various other breathing issues and even cancer!!.

Skin diseases and stomach disorders

These carpets also house various non-living and living irritants that can cause the red itchy spots on your body or even swelling. Walking barefoot on the infected surface can cause contagious skin disease like athlete’s foot and toe nail fungal disease. These dirty carpets also attract pests like roaches and rats that bring along their own species of microbes to your carpet making it even more harmful. If your child somehow puts the toy lying on these carpets into his mouth . He might get stomach diseases like diarrhoea which can be fatal at times. Also a clean home and clean environment can make you feel less stressed and more productive and happy.

What should you do?

Cleaning your carpets almost every week is very essential for everyone. Making sure that all the dirt and dust from them is properly removed and they should be kept in the sunlight for some time. If you do not have time for cleaning them yourselves then you can opt for companies like commercial cleaning services Melbourne which provide carpet cleaning facilities and also other kinds of commercial cleaning Melbourne. This can give you a deep cleansing and healthy home environment.

Author BioCemYapicioglu is an allergist and immunologist who has been practicing for over 20 years. He also is actively involved in various immunological researches. He is actively involved in social organizations that create awareness about the harmful effects of environmental pollution.